Oscar Opinion

I don’t watch movies at the theater.  In 2008 I saw Batman Returns and I loved it.  That was it for my movie going.  I have no idea what the other performances were like in the category, but Heath Ledger was amazing in the Batman Returns.  Hard for me to imagine anyone being more magnetic in a film this year.

I didn’t see the Wtrestler, but I’m hoping Marisa Tomei wins.  I feel this way because of her brilliant naked performance in 2007’s Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead.  She is so hot in this movie that I can get turned on despite having to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s pasty dumper.  Here is a link to the scene. Below is a shot of her playing a stripper in the Wrestler.

Hey, I’m not Mr. Skin, but I can still appreciate some high-quality cinematic nudity.  Bravo Ms Tomei for baring all in this flick and in the Wrestler.


The second record by Rooney was really underrated.  If you were curious what Jellyfish might have sounded like today, I think it would be like this tune.  Sweet fucking ear candy.

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