Boras Clients Lose their Shirt

While everyone has focused attention on if Manny Ramirez will get the contract that Scott Boras promised he

Kelly Brook looks better than most when she loses her shirt.

Kelly Brook looks better than most when she loses her shirt.

would receive, another problem has flared up for Scotty Sleaze.  Ken Rosenthal reported that Boras clients Johnny Damon and Xavier Nady were unable to access their money because of it being tied up in the whole Stanford Financial Group debacle.  I will admit that I have about as much sympathy for people who lost money with Stanford or Madoff as I do people who lost their homes in the subprime mortgage mess.  Many of these people were trying to take advantage of a situation which promised a big payday which was mostly predicated on a crazy fucking market continuing to get fucking crazier.  Look, I’ve lost about 35% of my 401K since its peak, but that is just the way it goes.  The stock market might not be high stakes roulette, but it is still a fucking gamble.


While they both have the same type of sound, I think Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot are 2 of the best new bands on the scene.  Hey, the White Stripes and the Black Keys have similarities but that doesn’t mean they both aren’t great.  Here is Ra Ra Riot’s Can You Tell.

3 thoughts on “Boras Clients Lose their Shirt

  1. It is kind of funny to see people who have more money than God getting in trouble because they wanted even more more money than God.

    Seriously, I think this is more of a “here, Johnny, I’ll let my buddy Bernard manage this for you. I met him at the club, he’s a whiz at this sort of thing.”

    “OK, Scott, you’re the boss.”

  2. You completely got it Michael. It takes money to make a lot of money in this society. This is why when someone that is really rich loses a bunch of dough in one of these schemes, I don’t have much sympathy. Too many of their friends were in other deals that made them millions. Any stock plan should have risk. Same goes for the housing market. We need to open up lending, but the notion that we need to bail out home buyers who bought because it was an investment or it was just above their head…not a big fan of helping them.

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