Let this be a Lesson Ladies, Even the Bachelor is a Douchebag

I don’t usually watch the Bachelor, but I watched the last 4 episodes of it, when I heard that the



chick who had dumped this year’s model was going to come back and admit she had made a mistake.  The show is primarily marketed to women, as it is set-up to give the idea that there still is a Prince out there for all the delusional princesses. During the whole show the Bachelor is displayed on ABC as some kind of perfect prince who is the guy most women never will have.  A guy with perfect teeth, perfect abs, and one sensitive to all their needs.  It basically is a show that makes wives and girlfriends across America think in their minds, why is my guy such an asshole.

Well if you missed it, Jason Mesnick chose his woman who he would spend the rest of his life



with.  Uh, except that after spending less than 6 weeks with her, he decided that he couldn’t imagine spending another day with her.  What he wanted to do was started banging his runner-up.  I don’t think Mesnick is a bad guy, but here’s the thing that is lost in the equation of the Bachelor.  Good-looking guys who become media celebrities generally aren’t the best marriage material.  They have options and those options are a future of fucking a lot of babes.  Sorry ladies, but men don’t grow up dreaming of meeting a princess, especially if they realize they can get a whole harem.

Just a couple of my thoughts on this specific season. I thought his final 4 choices were the 4



hottest women on the show, so congrats to Jason on his taste.  I felt if he was looking for compatibility and a good mother, he would have chosen the chick who looked like Amy Grant.  She was from Vancouver, he was from Seattle.  The region someone is from is important.  I really doubt Melissa from Dallas would have loved being in a place where it rains 9 months a year.  Maybe a girl like Molly from Grand Rapids, MI could deal with the rain, but not someone who has lived in the miserable heat of Texas.


My dedication to the ladies of Mesnick.  Buble.

One thought on “Let this be a Lesson Ladies, Even the Bachelor is a Douchebag

  1. Bill Simmons and Matthew Berry chewed this over on the latest “BS Report”, and they raised a good point-guys like Jesse Palmer don’t need help with the ladies-guys like Matthew Berry do.

    I can’t stand the whole genre, myself.

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