A-Rod is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

In all the talk about Alex Rodriguez’s hip injury, few are discussing this latest gem that came from Richard Johnson, New York Post gossip columnist.

THAT Alex Rodriguez knows how to treat the various women in his life: “He’s been going into Victoria’s Secret for the last seven months and buying $1,000 gift cards, sometimes five or six at a time. He must be giving them out like candy”

My favorite Victorias Secret Model of All-Time

My favorite Victoria's Secret Model of All-Time

Finally an athlete who is using his large fucking bankroll wisely.  Considering he won’t be able to use his hip flexor like a sexual power hitter over the next few weeks, it’s damn smart of A-Rod to have his ladies dress up in hot lingerie to motivate himself.  Once again, some might label A-Rod as selfish, but I just say this is just another example of doing everything possible to get on the field sooner and produce better.  The guy is the ultimate team player in my book.


Jeter Hangin with Victorias Secret Models

Jeter Hangin' with Victoria's Secret Models


Here is a great new video short by my friend, William Jackson.  It features a man who seems to also have a Victoria’s Secret fetish. Freaky panty sniffer alert!!! Check-Check-Check it out.


Let’s now enjoy the greatest blind, albino rapper in the world, Brother Ali.

One thought on “A-Rod is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

  1. The greatest blind albino rapper? The GREATEST? Surely you forgot about…um….well….ok, maybe you’re right.

    MY favorite Victoria’s Secret model is…uh….all of them.

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