Celebrating Overachievers in the NCAA Tourney

With the news of singer Ryan Adams marrying Mandy Moore, I thought it would be time to discuss the 5 teams who I think could pull off an upset or 2 in the NCAA tourney.  (Note: I think Ryan Adams is talented, but fucking Mandy Moore is pure wholesome sex candy. Congrats.)

Let me begin by saying there will be no Davidson in 2009.  The mid-majors are down from where they’ve been the past couple of seasons.  There will be plenty of lower seeds beating higher seeds, but it will be the 9-12 seeds doing it, as there is little difference between the 5 through 12 this year.  Most of the major conferences had a team or 2 that was top-notch, but there wasn’t much difference between 3 through 8.  Take the Big 10.  Outside of Michigan State and Purdue, the league was a toss-up every night from third place through ninth.  There is only one league in 2009 that has more than 2 teams that could be in the final 4 and that’s the Big East.  Here are the 4 at-large teams that I think will overachieve their lower seeds, if they actually make the tourney.  Of course, this could change depending on their draws.

St. Mary’s

San Diego State



Here are the 4 teams that won’t be a top 4 seed who I think have the best chance of being an Elite 8 team.



Arizona State

Florida State

I’m not saying they will make it, but I think they have the best chance. The team I had at the top of this list last week was Syracuse, but since they have made their amazing run in the Big East tourney, they will have moved up a few seeds.


Let’s get stupid poppy with the Ting Tings.

One thought on “Celebrating Overachievers in the NCAA Tourney

  1. This continues the hot woman-not so hot singer theme that began with Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel. (Joel once said one of his early motivations to stick with music was noticing girls suddenly paying attention to him.)

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