Top Tourney Seeds Broken Down

Outside of a few exceptions, the NCAA tourney committee did a good job of seeding the

tourney.  I would probably have put  San Diego State in over Arizona, but since the Cats actually beat them in a head-to-head, plus they are more dangerous, I don’t have a big problem with the choice.  While the Big East was hands down the best league in college b-ball, they did have a few shit squads that helped the top teams look even better.  I think they will be a bit of a disappointment in the tourney, as they have a few overseeded teams.  The 2 sleepers I have for the tourney are Purdue and Tennessee.  They were highly ranked at the beginning of the year and I think are tough teams to prepare for during a tourney. When you play the Vols, you’ve got your hands full. Kind of like Bruce Pearl.

Below I rate the best and worst seed from 14 to 1 seed.  I have no idea about the 15 and 16 seeds, so I can’t help you there.

Ranking the seeds.

14 seed Best: North Dakota State  Worst: American

13 seed Best: Cleveland State  Worst: Portland St.  (Wake Forest is the highest seed who might….)

12 seed Best: Wisconsin  Worst: Northern Iowa (only UNI is the only 12 seed with not chance.)

11 seed Best: VCU  Worst: Temple  (The 12 seeds are better as a group than the 11’s.)

10 seed Best: USC  Worst: Minnesota  (I actually think the 10 seed group is better than the 7’s.)

9 seed Best: Tennessee  Worst: Siena

8 seed Best: Ohio St. Worst: LSU

7 seed Best: Texas  Worst: Boston College (BC is the most overseeded team in the tourney.)

6 seed Best: West Virginia Worst: Marquette (In January, Marquette was the best, WV was not.)

5 seed Best: Purdue Worst: Illinois  (Of the 5’s only Purdue should have been seeded this highly.)

4 seed Best: Xavier Worst: Wake Forest (Both Wake and Washington have a chance of losing.)

3 seed Best: Missouri Worst: Kansas (Surprise here? It’s about match-ups, as all 4 are about equal.)

2 seed Best: Duke Worst: Memphis (Not much diff here, but Memphis is hurt by playing in Conference USA.)

1 seed Best: North Carolina Worst: Pittsburgh  (The Panthers have a poor tourney track record.)

I have North Carolina squeezing out a win versus Louisville in the Championship game.  I have Duke winning the East and here’s my upset special, Purdue winning the West.

If this was a cheerleader tourney, Arizona State would be my number 1 seed.  I mean who could forget this fucking masterpiece?


As a standup comedian who is constantly touring the country, here is a song that makes even me feel sentimental.  Meet Virginia Coalition.

2 thoughts on “Top Tourney Seeds Broken Down

  1. I really don’t care about the tournament-I’ll watch it, but I really don’t have much feeling about it. I’m usually at work during most of it.

    But saying that “Pittsburgh has a poor tournament record” doesn’t strike me as a very meaningful statement. I hear this all the time on ESPN-“The Steelers are 13-5 against the NFC East over the last ten years,” or something like that. So what? The players on the majority of those Pitt teams that accumulated this record are selling insurance somewhere, not playing basketball this year.

  2. The record lies more with the style a team plays under the coach. The team has mostly underachieved its seed since Dixon has been the coach. This year’s model is better than past versions, but I think their style of play makes them a victim of closely called games, where foul-trouble haunts them. We will see.

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