Where I’ve Been

I'm just out of camera range at this class.

Over the past few days there has been a fucking paucity (I like the way those 2 words sound together) of offerings by me.  Well, I’ve been busy cramming for my NCAA tourney brackets and doing a lot of working out.  Below is my step aerobic class. (Unfortunately, there has been no cramming at my class.)

If you want to get the best info on the participants in this year’s March Madness, go to BasketballProspectus.com.  The great baseball writer, Joe Sheehan, moonlights there, plus my favorite internet writer on college basketball, John Gasaway, is the star attraction at the site.  It was 4 years ago that I interviewed Gasaway and the premier college hoops numbers guy, Ken Pomeroy, at my old site.  They both are now starting to get a bigger audience, but it should be even larger.  Instead, most of America has to listen to fucking blowhards like Digger Phelps and Hubert Davis.  Davis is especially bad.  On the ESPN tourney show, Hubie went off very uncomfortably on another Davis, Rece, because he kept giving statistical and historical information.  Rece Davis is one of the top broadcasters on the network and what he brings to studio shows dwarfs the inane bullshit that Hubie puts out.

Sadly, Dick Vitale has become the old buffoon that John Madden and Chris Berman are.  All 3 had their moments when they first came on the sports broadcasting scene, but now they are parodies of their original selves.  Ridiculously overpaid versions, to be more specific.  Doug Gottlieb seems like possibly the biggest asshole in all sports broadcasting, but guess what, he also happens to be the most knowledgeable and interesting person discussing the sport on the channel.  Why ESPN has never hired Mike DeCourcy away from Sporting News is puzzling to me, as he’s Peter Gammons and Jay Glazer all thrown into one package.  I appreciate Andy Katz as being a good reporter, but DeCourcy is better, plus he’s better on the radio, too.

ESPN has such a strong bias towards the ACC it’s fucking disgusting.  Hubie Davis went to Carolina, Jay Bilas went to Duke, Jason Williams went to Duke, Adrian Branch went to Maryland, and Dickie V has been in the bag for the conference since the early days. (Both Branch and Williams are awful.)  While I think Bilas is good, Gottlieb and Stephen Bardo are better.  Of course, they played in the Big 12 and Big 10, respectively, so they are generally on the second team or lower.  I haven’t forgotten Bob Knight, I just have a hard time wanting to review him, because he was such a cocksucker to the media when he was a coach, so him now getting a check in this role makes me want to hurl.  (If cornered, I would admit the General’s pretty damn good as an analyst.  Actually, considering his natural tendencies, he might be the only person I listed here that would feel right at home reading my fucking reviews at this kickass site.)


A couple years back, ESPN used Liz Phair’s Extraordinary to promote their coverage of the Women’s NCAA b-ball tourney.  I know a lot of fans fucking hated her move to pop on this record, but I was seduced by her hooks and lyrical depth that she brought to the genre.  Oh and she’s really fucking yummy to look at.

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