Rating American Idol’s Final 10

Let’s begin by mentioning that this is easily the deepest talent pool the show has ever had.  During

No one has the physical talent of Antonella Barba this year.

No one has the physical talent of Antonella Barba this year.

last season, eventual winner David Cook was the best performer almost every week.  This year almost everyone in the top 10 you can see having a recording contract.  Jordan Sparks would finish about 6th among this year’s participants.  Where were some of these people the past 2 seasons?

From their first auditions I thought that Danny Gokey and Matt Giraud were the best overall talents on the show.  Gokey has the great personal story, the strong resemblance to Robert Downey, Jr., and the big soul singer chops, but Giraud shouldn’t be counted out.  A former dueling pianos singer, Giraud has been on-stage probably more than anyone on the show and the gig he had kept him singing songs from different genres.  It is a great mix for succeeding on Idol.

Lil Rounds can belt it out and has a lot of charisma and sex-appeal.  Being the only black performer left doesn’t hurt her chances, either.  To me, she and Gokey seem to be the 2 favorites at this point.

Despite already being in the bottom 3, Allison Iraheta might have the most commercial appeal of anyone on this year’s cast.  She’s only 16, but has the stage presence of someone who has already been touring for a decade.  I could completely see her becoming the next Pink.

More from the tone deaf Miss Barba.

More from the tone deaf Miss Barba.

A lot of people are touting Adam Lambert as the one to beat, but I just don’t see it.  I’ve always wanted to see someone on the show who has an alternative edge.  Sorry, but Lambert ain’t the guy.  The “Dog” compared him to Jeff Buckley this week and that is really fucking lame, as Lambert has none of the angst in his operatic voice that Buckley had.  I get that he’s got a Bay City Rollers meets My Chemical Romance look that the young girls and young gays love, but I’ve heard no depth from the guy. Sure he’s got a big fucking voice, but he always comes off to me like he’s auditioning for Joesph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Kris Allen has a really pleasant, commercial voice, but I’m not seeing the personality that would put him in the class of the above 5 performers.

I miss Sanjayas Sister.

I miss Sanjaya's Sister.

Anoop Desai has everything you need, except that I’m not sure an Indian dude can sell the new-jack swing style that he brings.  He has the talent and personality, though, that he should be hosting a talk show in Bollywood.

Megan Joy is foxy fucking fine and has a nice jazzy groove she brings to her vocals.  I just have strong doubts that a show like this will allow her to continue to succeed.  My guess is the Patsy Cline song she did this past week will be her highlight on the show.

Scott McIntyre should be charting…on the Christian rock Top 10.  His clean, sanitized voice is pleasant enough, but leaves me empty.  He’s no DC Talk or Audio Adrenalize…more Michael K. Smith meets Bruce Hornsby.

Michael Sarver shouldn’t still be on the show.  He’s got an aw shucks kind of charm, but he’s the only person left on the show that I doubt will have any chance of musical success.  Hey, but I thought Bucky Covington was one of the worst people ever to make the Final 12 and he’s done better than most, post-show, so I could be wrong.


Here was the best moment from last year’s American Idol. Sadly, nothing on David Cook’s debut album reached the peak moments of his great cover of Hello.

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