The Penicillin Needed for Our Diseased Economy

I Can See Why Ashley Dupree Made Spitzer a Hypocrite

I Can See Why Ashley Dupree Made Spitzer a Hypocrite

I hear politicians claiming that nothing is off the table for discussion when it comes to helping turn our economy around.  Then I read stories like this about some Houston madam being busted for helping men get their salami slam on.

With two locations, several Web sites, dozens of apparently satisfied employees and perhaps thousands of loyal, well-heeled customers, the service business that Debbie and Charles Turbiville nurtured over the last few years was impressive for a pair of young and inexperienced entrepreneurs. Some say it was the largest of its kind in Houston.

In a city gripped with serious crime issues, the Houston police force is wasting their fucking time trying to stop consenting adults from a good fucking time.  Instead of douchebags like the Chicago police chief spending his waking hours worrying about how Craigslist is a tool for prostitution, this tool should worry about the actual deadly crime that has plagued parts of the city since before Al Capone.

It’s time to cut with the bullshit.  Legalize prostitution.  Tax the fuck out of fucking.  Have some

Jade is an actual legal chicken at Nevada's ranch

Jade is an actual legal chicken at Nevada's ranch

standards so both hookers and johns have some quality control.  Have fucking zones, so it isn’t going on in areas that are residential.  Time to protect society and the deviants who need to get their packages handled with care.  Just think of the money our nation could raise. This is an economic plan that even Jim Cramer and Jon Stewart could agree upon.

I’m not the patriotic type, but I believe that the United States has the finest whores in the world, so why let Amsterdam and Bangkok rule the sex tourism racket.  If you don’t believe the US has the top ho’s in the world, well than you might as well be part of the Taliban.  God Bless America.


The Filthfreaks bring a shocking expose of the degrading way hookers and johns have to do biz.


Get Genitortured!  Until it’s equal, all I can do is Touch Myself.

One thought on “The Penicillin Needed for Our Diseased Economy

  1. scott, you obviously haven’t been to china…LOL
    glad to finally see your site which is apparently blocked by the ever efficient China censors (where i live)….perhaps you posted something about Tibet? but probably they have the Not Safe For Work thing totally blocked in their quest fo porn from the west. anyway, nice to read your blog after BT went down…wish i could get to it on a regular basis. rgds, will

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