Checking My NCAA Tourney Work

Each year I rank the best and worst among the top 14 seeds.  Let’s check and see how I did.

My picks were almost as hot as this.

My picks were almost as hot as this.

14 seed Best: North Dakota State  Worst: American

I was right on about Ben Woodside and his team.  All of the other 3 were pretty much weak.

13 seed Best: Cleveland State  Worst: Portland St.  (Wake Forest is the highest seed who might….)

Uh, did you hear about Cleveland State? Did you read what I wrote? My old college rhetoric Teacher, Esquire’s Scott Raab, I’m sure is jerking off as we speak.  (Major CSU fan.)  Portland State was the worst.

12 seed Best: Wisconsin  Worst: Northern Iowa (only UNI is the only 12 seed with no chance.)

Jesus F. Christ am I good.  Well, UNI was competitive, so I didn’t get that perfect.

11 seed Best: VCU  Worst: Temple  (The 12 seeds are better as a group than the 11’s.)

Dayton was the best, but VCU had their chance. Actually, I chose Dayton in my pool at Facebook, after reading Gregg Doyel’s touting of the Flyers.  Temple was easily the worst. 

10 seed Best: USC  Worst: Minnesota  (I actually think the 10 seed group is better than the 7’s.)

Three of the 10 seeds won, so who’s to say who was best, but I nailed the Gophers.

9 seed Best: Tennessee  Worst: Siena

OK, I definitely dropped the ball here, but I will mention that the Ohio State/Siena game was a badly played game, despite going 2 overtimes.

8 seed Best: Ohio St. Worst: LSU

Now here is where I was waaaay off. 

7 seed Best: Texas  Worst: Boston College (BC is the most overseeded team in the tourney.)

And now I’m back on track.  BC was the 2nd most overseeded team in the tourney. 

6 seed Best: West Virginia Worst: Marquette (In January, Marquette was the best, WV was not.)

As I mentioned above, the one pick I changed after writing this was on Dayton.  Arizona State looked to be the best 6 seed.  Marquette would have gotten spanked by the Flyers.

5 seed Best: Purdue Worst: Illinois  (Of the 5’s only Purdue should have been seeded this highly.)

The 5 seeds were more exposed than even this.

The 5 seeds were more exposed than even this.

There is only one 5 seed left, Purdue.  Illinois was the most overseeded team in the tourney.

4 seed Best: Xavier Worst: Wake Forest (Both Wake and Washington have a chance of losing.)

Outside of saying that Washington might lose, I couldn’t get much more right on here.

3 seed Best: Missouri Worst: Kansas (Surprise here? It’s about match-ups, as all 4 are about equal.)

I feel good about these comments. 

2 seed Best: Duke Worst: Memphis (Not much diff here, but Memphis is hurt by playing in Conference USA.)

There was only one team who struggled with at this seed, Memphis.  Next.

1 seed Best: North Carolina Worst: Pittsburgh  (The Panthers have a poor tourney track record.)

Only one team struggled at this seed, Pitt.  If you would have taken my advice using the spread, you would have fucking banged your bookie like a muthafucker.

What’s Next?

The best bet of the second round is Purdue getting points against Washington.  Unload your wad on this one.


If you are a bummed out Ohio State fan, I implore you to check this video out.  Actually, if you are a hetero man or lesbian lap-licker, go to it.  Fucking hottest woman I’ve seen in awhile.  Youch!

One thought on “Checking My NCAA Tourney Work

  1. You met Scott Raab? I admire his work very much.

    Nice video, too-even for an Ohio State girl, she’s pretty hot.

    (My family is Big Blue all the way, but I’d be willing to make an exception.)

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