A-Rod Dating One of the Real Housekunts of New York City?

The rumor was out there that A-Rod was boning one of the bitches from the vomit-inducing Bravo

This is the Housekunt in question.

This is the Housekunt in question.

show.  Supposedly it isn’t true, but I figure the odds are good, as A-Rod isn’t on the IR for fucking.  The guy seems to be trying to nail every woman who looks like a fitness model.

This piece isn’t about A-Rod, though, it’s about the Bravo show.  As bad as some of these MTV shows are which glorify young, spoiled fucking bitches, it’s 100 times worse when it’s women in their 30’s and 40’s.  Listening to these Housekunts with their whiny New Yawk accents is like a death sentence for my ears.  Really, you don’t have everything in life?  The $150 dollar dinners and outrageous apartments aren’t enough for you extrava-cunts.  Tell that to the majority of us who are struggling to make a mortgage in our decaying suburban track house.  Hey we’re just dreaming of scratching together enough change that we could go out to the local Applebee’s and split an order of Riblets. Oh my life of shopping all day looking for Jimmy Chu shoes has me frazzled.  Well, how bout going like the rest of us to Payless, in between our stops at Dollar General and Big Lots.

Fuck those that think Jerry Springer is the lowest form of television.  The Real Housekunts of New York City is the most vile thing ever shown over the airwaves.

A-Rod during happier days.

A-Rod during happier days.


Here’s a video I dedicate to the Housekunts.  Someone needs to detox these bitches from their consumeristic ways, so here are Rise Against. 

3 thoughts on “A-Rod Dating One of the Real Housekunts of New York City?

  1. Amen to all that.

    I watch a lot of Bravo when I’m home in the mornings, to catch The West Wing in reruns, and so I am exposed to all the iterations of this show through the incessant promotions.

    I call it the “Unattractive People Behaving Unpleasantly Hour”.

  2. I love what you call it. I’m thinking of discussing this topic in my standup act. Can I use the line?

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