Arguing the Merits of Scott Podsednik

Former Best Damn Sports Show Host, Lisa Dergan.

Former Best Damn Sports Show Host, Lisa Dergan.

When you take a sabermetrical approach to Scott Podsednik, it’s hard to see him as a major league player at this point of his career, but let me give you a few reasons why he was a nice pick-up for the White Sox.

  • The White Sox have had a ridiculously good record when he starts a game for them.
  • He’s been better than Jerry Owens or Brent Lillibridge, their other choices.
  • He’s a guy that is well-liked in the clubhouse.
  • Most importantly, did you see his wife above.

OK, I realize that there is a lot of luck involved in the games the White Sox have won with him in the lineup, as he’s been below average at the plate and defensively during these games.

The best answer would be having Alexei Ramirez go to center and bring up Gordon Beckham to play short, but I’m guessing the Sox are waiting until 2010 to make this happen.

Being liked in the clubhouse is a pretty weak reason to put a guy on the roster.

You can’t deny the charms of Mrs. Podsednik, though.  I never understood why Best Damn ever let her go, as she was charming, has world-class dimples, and didn’t come off like a fucking ditz.  (According to Wikipedia, she was an art major who speaks fluent Japanese.)  So for that reason alone, time to welcome back Podsednik, even if it might just be for a couple weeks.

Time to hit the showers never sounded so good.

Time to hit the showers never sounded so good.


In honor of the Texas born Podsedniks, how about one of the great underrated bands of all-time, Texas-based The Toadies.  The guitars shred and the lead singer has a spectacular rock voice.  Too bad he looked more like Ben Folds than Kurt Cobain.  Oh and I went away from Possum Kingdom, as that’s the radio hit.

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