The Funniest Line You Will Hear about Manny Ramirez

My friend, comedian Dan St. Paul, has the best comment I’ve heard on the

Maybe Mannys been growing his hair out for a reason.

Maybe Manny's been growing his hair out for a reason.

whole Manny Ramirez saga.  Since he was busted using a female hormone, Dan refers to it as that’s just Manny being Tranny.

I’ve discussed before how I’m not surprised by players who have used steroids and how I think most players during all eras were looking for an edge.  Manny Ramirez is 39 and should be past the time where he dominates his competition.  While Manny has always been a great hitter, it is remarkable that he could put together this high of quality performance at such an advanced age.  It really is a great advertisement for PED’s.

I’ve heard the discussion today by some writers who think that Manny will be bothered by wrecking his legacy.  I think too many writers overrate the element of the Hall of Fame for players who grew up poor.  They didn’t dream of being Hall of Famers, they dreamed of playing a game they loved and becoming incredibly rich doing it.  I know this isn’t the romantic notion of the game that many of us fans have for our heroes on the diamond, but I’m guessing it’s the case for a majority of the players who are part of it.

If I was to try to go into really uncharted territory, I would try to guess what is in Manny’s brain. I would offer up that he was just as addicted to the success as the money.  Players like A-Rod, Bonds, Clemens, and Manny, who are supremely talented players without using steroids, want to feel invincible.  Age starts to dilute their powers, but through modern chemistry, they are able to hold on to their prime.  I’m sure it’s a powerful aphrodiasac and one that for some they aren’t able to turn down.

You can call me cynical, because I am, but I don’t expect morality out of my favorite players.  I want them to be the best they can be.  Now that MLB has a real drug-testing program, players need to be smarter than Manny.  It might not have been a good day for Major League Baseball on the P.R. front, but it was a good day for the future of the sport.  Ultimately, he has become the best example of what can happen if you mess with PED’s.  I think we are going the right direction on this thing.


The funniest baseball sketch since Abbott and Costello is the previously mentioned Dan St. Paul’s take on the first baseball game.

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