It’s ALIVE!!!

I just haven’t felt moved to write anything lately.  I found a decent formula for the site, which I still hope to take advantage of for some type of financial gain (pipe fucking dream?), but I haven’t had the time to make that happen so….I kind of lost interest in posting.

I do plan on being more active again, so if you get a chance, please check in again.

Here are a few things I did want to offer up.

As a White Sox fan I’m becoming more convinced than ever that the statistical metrics have a bias against the team.  Right now Baseball Prospectus’ playoff odds have the team being the least likely team to win the AL Central.  As I mentioned numerous times, sabermetrics underrates relief pitching more than any part of the game.  The Twins, Angels, and White Sox have had excellent bullpens most of this decade and I think this is the biggest reason they overachieve their Pythagorean record.  The first 2 teams I mentioned have had a drop-off in their bullpens, but I believe the White Sox have the best bullpen in baseball.  Add this to them being the only team in the division that could go out and get a quality player to help put them over the top and I just don’t see why they are considered any worse than second (to the Tigers) in the Central.

I will be at US Cellular on BP night this upcoming Tuesday, so maybe I can get some more answers on that one, then.


I will be at the Sox/Royals game on Sunday, so I can give my high-quality scouting report on Zach Greinke then.


I was in the front bar of a comedy club last night, waiting to hit the stage, when an obscure Asia music video came on.  I couldn’t even find it on you tube, but it did remind me of one of my favorite WHAT THE FUCK videos of all-time, Only Time Will Tell.  I’m guessing it came out around 1983 and since we didn’t have any pay movie channels, I’m not afraid to tell you I tugged one out to it.  Look, I was 16, so a gymnast doing contortions I believe does not put me any to Catch a Predator list.  While it didn’t spark me on the same level as the J. Geils Band, Centerfold video, it was right there with Rod Stewart’s Infatuation video which featured one of my all-time favorites, Kay Lenz.


A shot from the movie Fast Walking featuring Kay Lenz.

One thought on “It’s ALIVE!!!

  1. I can’t disagree with the sentiments, either about the gymnast or the relief pitching.

    Is it possible that since sabermetric orthodoxy also says that relief pitching is fungible-as long as it’s marginally acceptable, it won’t kill you, and it’s relatively easy to be marginally acceptable-that a sabermetric mindset just discounts the bullpen by arguing much of it (bullpen success) is just luck?

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