2010 NFL Preview

Hey, look who appears again. I’ve been busy with my music site, Rock…Paper…Blog, but wanted to post my NFL picks for 2010.  If you have never read NSFW Sports before, just know that Rex Ryan cites it as a great influence on his fucking vocabulary.

AFC East

Fancy that, the East Coast media bias is in full-force, touting the AFC East as some kind of super division. Well, the AFC North and the South are better. Don’t think Sanchez is anything special, but the Jets defense is nastier than a gang bang jizz bucket.  Tom Brady is the only QB in the division I would even rank in the Top 20, but his team is filled with question marks. The magical decade is over, Boston.  Pats, Red Sox, and Celtics are all retooling.  A lot of scouts love Chad Henne, but I think he’s more like former Wolverine Elvis Grbac then he is Brady Beiber.  The Bills suck more ass than a prison wife.

Jets 10-6  Pats 9-7  Dolphins 8-8  Bills 3-13

AFC North

A lot of love is going Baltimore’s way, but just when they appear to finally have a good offense, the defense has developed some question marks. The Bengals are a more well-balanced team than the Ravens, but I’m not sure I trust their focus. So TO and Ocho 5 are going to get their own show. It promises to be the first talk show where the hosts just interview themselves.  The Steelers are the hardest team for me to figure out, as they have a better defense than anyone not the Jets, but not sold on their passing game. Biggest toss-up division, with the Browns improving, though their record might not demonstrate it.

Bengals 10-6  Ravens 10-6  Steelers 9-7  Browns 5-11

AFC South

Best division in football. With a healthy Bob Sanders, this is the best defense the Colts have had since they’ve been in Indy.  Everyone is touting the Texans, but don’t sleep on the Titans, as their record under Vince Young is pretty fucking good. Add to this they have the league’s best running back and maybe its best coach and I’m going with them over a Texan team that gets overmatched in these 2 departments. The Jags are the best last place team in the AFC, but they are far behind these 3. It’s time to send J-ville to LA, as that small of a market shouldn’t have an NFL team.

Colts 13-3  Titans 12-4  Texans 9-7  Jags 6-10

AFC West

The time to win it all for the Chargers is starting to fade and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have to struggle to win their division again this year, as Norv Turner costs them a game or 2.  I can’t quite pull the trigger on the Chiefs, as Phillip Rivers and Antonio Gates are superior to anything KC have, but they will be more improved than any AFC team. The Raiders have some talent, but even if their quarterback isn’t crunk on Purple drank, I don’t see them doing any better than usual. The Broncos look like a mess to me. If completely fucking flukey how they started off in 2009, as I suspect we will see them more in 2010 play like they did from game 7 on.

Chargers 9-7  Chiefs 8-8  Raiders 6-10  Broncos 5-11

NFC East

All these teams are pretty good, but none of them do anything particularly great. Let’s pick it by the process of elimination.  The Giants are like that crazy old broad who collects cats. Their version of cats are defensive linemen, with 2 more selected early in the draft. They needed help at every other fucking position. No playoffs for you! A lot of Eagles season tix holders are pissed about Donovan McNabb being traded to the Skins. Now they only have one game to boo his ass.  Philly’s offense is better, but they really missed not having D-coordinator Jim Johnson and I don’t see it being any better in 2010. The Redskins are the opposite of the Eagles, with the best defense in the NFC, but really weak at the skill positions. McNabb does just enough to get them in the playoffs, though. The Cowboys are the most talented, but don’t get too excited Big D, as you are not going to be the first home team in the Super Bowl, as you lose on the road in a cold weather city during the playoffs.

Cowboys 10-6  Redskins 10-6  Eagles 9-7  Giants 8-8

NFC North

Aaron Rodgers is the next great quarterback in the NFL. The Packers defense will be improved, so if the o-line stops getting A-Rodg killed they are Super Bowl-bound.  The Vikings were the most talented team in the NFL in 2009, but turnovers kept them from winning it all. This year’s model is showing it’s age, with injuries across the board. The o-line has been great for the past 3 years, but I think it slips and will end up causing Farve to finally start missing some games. They traded the wrong backup, as Rosenfels is superior to Tavaris.  The most improved team in the NFL? The Lions. This team is one year away from the playoffs, as they finally have a coach, a QB, and a dominant defensive lineman. And then there is the Bears. Run poorly from the top on down, their time is over as a factor in the division. Major rebuilding will start in 2011.

Packers 13-3  Vikings 10-6  Lions 8-8  Bears 5-11

NFC South

One of the all-time great stories in NFL history was the Champion Saints. They rode Drew Brees, Sean Peyton, Gregg Williams to the title. I see them slipping just enough to have a major battle for a playoff spot. I could try to be witty about them, but I will let the comedy experts like Dan Hampton do it, as I will stick to football analysis. The Falcons have all the pieces in play to rule this division for the next few years, especially with the rest of the South looking like it is in decline. I could see the Panthers making one more push, as John Fox is a quality coach and they won’t be killed by Jake Delhomme, but I don’t think they are better than a .500 team.  The Bucs are a really badly run team who has a coach completely over his head. Worst team in the NFL? Probably.

Falcons 11-5  Saints 10-6  Panthers 8-8  Bucs 2-14

NFC West

Unlike the past couple seasons where at least the Cardinals were a quality team, this year there is no such specie in the West.  The 49ers are being hyped, but I can’t see them beating a quality club. Not a big believer in Alex Smith or the game decisions of Mike Singletary.  I do think Ken Whisenhunt is one of the best coaches in the game and even though the Cards lost some key pieces, I think he will find a way to get Arizona back in the playoffs. The Rams have some talented players, but they have battled serious injuries for awhile now that keep them from being competitive. Maybe 2010 will be different.  I thought Pete Carroll got a bum deal in his previous stint in the NFL and I believe he is the right guy to turn around the Seahawks. My guess is he will use his initial season to turn over the roster and build for a run at 2011.

Arizona 9-7  49ers 8-8  Rams 5-11  Seahawks 5-11

AFC Wild Cards Tennessee, Baltimore

AFC Champion Indy

NFC Wild Cards Redskins, Saints

NFC Champion  Green Bay

Super Bowl Champ Indy

I have some surprise picks, but I can’t go away from these 2 to play in the Super Bowl.  I see the Colts slipping a little on offense, but if the Colts can keep Bob Sanders healthy for the playoffs, their defense is one of the best, as they use a more aggressive cover 2 now that Dungy is gone.

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